Amateur Astronomy Under The Big Sky
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  • Summer Workshop with Project Archaeology

    Posted on May 9th, 2012 Lynn Powers No comments

    We had a great turn out for Ivy Merriot’s Big Horn Medicine Wheel talk in March.  Ivy is back with a workshop for teachers and other interested people July 25-26 at the Museum of the Rockies.  A description of the class says: This workshop provides a model for the instruction of the new Project Archaeology Special Topic Unit on Archaeoastronomy. Students will learn the basic skills of skywatching while looking for evidence of skywatching at specific archaeoastronomy sites. Workshop participants will learn how stones and landscape features align with the Sun and stars to establish a sense of time and an awareness of place. Students will experience how oral histories and mythologies narrate the relationships seen in the sky. Participants (modeling the learner’s behavior) will build archaeoastronomical structures, create alignments that other participants will investigate, interpret evidence through pictures, writing and stories, and explore how ancient people made use of the sky to pass on knowledge through time.  Please email Ivy Merriot at for more information

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