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  • Yellowstone Club Winter Lecture

    Posted on February 16th, 2009 Lynn Powers 2 comments

    Timberline LodgeSMAS gets contacted several times throughout the year for outreach programs with various local groups.   We love these opportunities to share our passion and hobby of astronomy with the public.  As usual, I jumped at the chance when I got a call from the Yellowstone Club asking if I could bring my scope and do a talk for their Winter Lecture Series.   The site was the Timberline Cafe at 9,375 feet, accessible by snocat.  Our outreach events are more rewarding when we connect with the people, and the group that I had was great.  Even though there was a bit of snow falling, the clouds parted and I was able to give sky tours for a brief moment.  I brought along some of the Night Sky Network tool kits and was able to fill in the time with several activities.  With Comet Lulin coming into view in the next few weeks, I talked about comets and passed out star maps to show the audience how to find Comet Lulin when they are at home.


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    1. Looks like you guys had a great time. Wish I could have been there.

      I edited the post a bit to assign to the news category and centered the image.

      Great post. Cheers…

    2. thanks for the help… I’ll get this down eventually. Yes, it was a blast! The ride up and the meal was fabulous. It was very dark and the stars were great for the short time they were out. It was nice to do the star tour and have them say “oh, now I get it, I see that now”.

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