Amateur Astronomy Under The Big Sky
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  • About SMAS

    The Southwest Montana Astronomical Society (SMAS) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the study of the universe for recreational and scientific purposes, and promoting interest in amateur astronomy. Founded in 1995, membership is open to anyone interested in the study of anything in the night sky, Sun or Earth. Some of our central values include: discovery, involvement, team work, education, outreach, and enjoyment of all things astronomy. Through our various SMAS club programs, activities and lectures, we have fun, improve our knowledge and skills, and educate the public.  Basically, we engage the public by bringing the simple joy of observing the universe to others.   We invite you to join us in pursuing this great, wholesome family hobby.

    We are located in beautiful Bozeman, Montana and hold our club meetings at the Sore Elbow Forge located at 955 Story Mill Road (at the intersection of Story Mill at Hwy 86/Bridger Canyon Drive).  Updates will be on our main feed at smasweb, be sure to check for updates.

    Our meetings are on the last Friday of each month (September through May).  The meeting may include a speaker, demonstration, workshop, and/or reports of current activities of the club.

    Every year SMAS holds two state-wide events. The Montana Astrofair/Astronomy Day, which takes place in the spring, it is an exciting blend of seminars, shows, classes, and displays. Daytime and night observing sessions are part of the activities.  During the later part of the summer SMAS holds its annual Montana Starwatch. This event is held at a dark sky observing area (and we mean DARK skies!) that is attended by people from all over the country. In addition to some of the most incredible observing conditions seen, StarWatch has evening lectures and many daytime activities, including those always associated with the backcountry of Montana. Saturday evening includes an outdoor BBQ dinner. Star Watch is an event members start looking forward to only days after the last one ends.

    Other common activities of SMAS include informal star parties at local dark-sky sites, workshops on choosing, using and making telescopes, observing techniques, sky lore and technical projects.

    For over 16 years SMAS hosted Stars Over Yellowstone in Yellowstone National Park, with speakers, solar observing and dark sky observing.  Generally held during new moon phase in the months of June, July and August.   We are always happy to have visiting amateur astronomers join us for observing.

    There are dues which are used to cover the cost of SMAS functions. Benefits include free or discounted access to SMAS functions, voting privileges, and subscription discounts on popular astronomy magazines.

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