Amateur Astronomy Under The Big Sky
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  • Comet Lulin

    Great job Robert, and thanks for your hard work on the web site!

    I may temporarily be without big glass, but that hasn’t stifled by my interest in comets.  I took my Nikon D70 out tonight and with a 300mm zoom lens was able to capture Comet Lulin. . . at least I think. . . maybe this picture is M100!   I expected it  to be significantly brighter.  But then, I was not very far outside of Butte, so the skys were not real dark.\I’ll post a heavily processed image when I figure out how!  (exposure details:  f4.6, ~2min, 300mm (maybe a bit less), from a spot about 2 miles SE of Butte, MT, about 11:30PM. 21FEB09)  It looks like I have created a new gallery named Comet Lulin into which I have stuffed a snap shot from tonight’s session.