Amateur Astronomy Under The Big Sky
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    Here are some of the apps that club members like to use. Some are night sky related others are solar, some are weather to help us plan for the night.  We have some for fun when it’s cloudy and we can’t get out and some to tell us what that satellite going over head is or how to find an object.  Let us know if you have one to add to the list, we haven’t provided links, so if you have trouble finding them in your itunes or the play store let us know and we’ll give you more information. Thanks.

    Both Android and iOS: 

    Star Chart – free:  You can change location and move in time to see what the north star will be in 10,000 years.

    NASA – free: Come explore with NASA and discover the latest images, videos, mission information, news, feature stories, tweets, NASA TV and featured content with the NASA app

    Night Sky Lite – free: your personal planetarium.

    ISS Detector – free: watch the ISS go over head

    • Stellarium
    • NASA Selfies
    • Celestron Sky Portal

    iOS – only: 

    Star and Planet finder – free:

    • SatFinder 3D augmented reality

    Android – only: 

    Sky Map from google – free:

    SkEye Astronomy – free: you can strap onto your OTA to guide your scope to where you want to look

    My list of apps on my Droid:

    • 3D Sun
      Astronomers Friend
      Astronomy Calendar
      Aurora Notifier
      Clear Outside
      Clear Sky Droid
      Color Flashlight
      compass level
      Curiosity: the Mars Mission
      Drake Calc
      Earth Now
      Geomagnetic Storm
      GLOBE observer
      Heaven’s Above
      Iridium Flares
      ISS detector
      ISS Live!
      Jupiter’s moons
      Light Pollution Map
      Loss of the night
      Lunar Map HD
      Lunar Phase
      Meteor Counter
      Meteor Shower Calendar
      Moon Phase
      Moon Phase IV
      NASA Images
      NASA Selfies
      NASA Space Weather
      NOAA Weather Radar
      Northern Eye Aurora
      Planet’s Position
      Polaris Navigation
      Radar Now!
      S&T Skyweek
      Sky Map
      Sky Pointer
      Sky Portal
      Sky Safari
      SkyView Free
      Solar Eclipse Timer
      Solar Observer
      Solar Viewer
      Spacecraft 3D
      Star Chart
      Star Odyssey
      Star Tracker
      Sun and Moon
      Sun, Moon, Planets